I don’t know, but my Ara is currently stalking this guy.

I don’t mind if he becomes the next character. I really need to have a fist character.

His charming eyes remind me of Jin from Grand Chase, by the way… 

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    for a moment….I almost connect these two in my mind as Haru and Rin based on their outfits…..
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    Fisticuffs for weapons, anyone?
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    I really must agree. Though, the male characters never seem as fun as the female, like they spend more time on them…. I...
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    i also have the need for a fist character…that didn’t sound right "close combat fighting" character, no weapons :D i...
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    I say bring all the Grand Chase characters to Elsword, then kill off GC. Ha
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    I don’t think many people would mind this guy being a character, even if there are far too many characters right now and...
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    Those eyes though
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