Kids on ElswordKR are complaining about my Elemental Master’s Lightning Shower…

I give them two Magic Missles at the same time.

Are you mad, kids?


Don’t follow my example. OTL.

With Aisha’s ability, you can spam two Magic Missles at the same time. It takes time a bit, but it’s good to troll your opponents in 3v3, and help your team to catch or escape from danger.

Lightning Shower has one and two second delay, and causes lag sometimes, too…


Yu vs Yosuke Part 2: Electrical Bungaloo


By which I mean, we’re both at it again and it turns out Chapter 13 was released by another group as raws. After some cleanup, we finished the 2nd part to our 1st part.

In this one we get part of Yu’s POV, including lots and lots of creepy Yosuke faces as he fights partner, and the rest of the battle up to conclusion. In the middle of this there was a Mitsuru vs Naoto battle, but we kinda skipped that since this battle already had 14 pages to translate. As always, read from right to left.

As a note, we aren’t doing a 100% literal translation, rather more like the Arena game where we switch a few things around to sound better at times.

You find out how important a single word is to each other. The action sequences are really well drawn too.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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Yu vs Yosuke fight in the new chapter of Persona Arena 4 transulated because why not


Happy Thanksgiving!

And nothing says thanksgiving like Yu and Yosuke fighting and…okay I got nothing.

But what we (me and this lovely lady) do have a translation! For the most part, I edited some of the dialogue to keep it more intact with what was put in to the Arena game, but the extra bits are pretty good and why not?


More under this cut!

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[ElswordKR]24th, April, 2014 Patch Note

I translate this very fast, so there will be some mistakes about the character improvements. I will change it later when I get home.



  • Add’s Arch Devil Ice Burner: 24th, April, 2014 ~ 5th, June, 2014.

  • Elesis and Add’s Iofty Ideal Avatar: 24th, April, 2014 ~ 22th, May, 2014.


  • Add’s Dragon Knight Ice Burner.



  • Fix problem when Deadly Chaser is pulled when he uses Rapid Shot on monsters.

(I still need to be confirmed this later if it’s Deadly Chaser or his opponent is pulled, because Rapid Shot is supposed to push your opponent away.)

  • Fixed problem when Blazing Heart’s Blaze Wing does not strike enemies equally when it uses on right side and left side.

Sometimes, Blaze Wing does not work properly if you use it while facing the left side of the map. I hope they can get it work perfectly.

  • Fixed Master Mind’s Apocalypse when you can press the skill button again to summon two Apocalypse.
  • Fixed problem when character does not resurrect fully HP when the buff HP is applied.


  • Fixed problem when you open a cube for item, the confirmation window does not disappear/turn off.




When Lightning’s falling into the chaos and soon realizes she doesn’t want to be alone she begs for help from what seemed at first, an inevitable task: protecting everyone, and that included  Hope, from Bhunivelze in the new world.  The reason why she rapidly changed her mind was because the fake Serah brought her to reason and made it possible for Lightning to accept Lumina, her rejected soul’s fragment. She became human again, she had her humanity back. She was a whole again instead of a fragmented being who’s true self was tore apart long before God was even pulling the strings. She only opened her heart to the two people she trusted the most, her beloved sister and now her partner, Hope, who calmed her down by greeting her with “It’s okay. We could hear you, Light. Let’s go. We’ll be together." She felt what she thought was lost long ago, hope. She found the hope he was named for. And so, the journey ends, and the last words she says are the words she memorized from her partner and friend, Hope Estheim.

"This journey is over. I wonder when the next will begin. I only know… that soon, we’ll be together.