Who Invokes the Power of the Natural World? by GM Amelia

Hi, Elpeeps! Do you know what’s coming up for your favorite bow-wielding ranger next week? Hint: it’s a new means for her to deal incredible damage by pulling in nature’s influence with her basic attacks and skills. Her abilities are about to get that much more impressive even as she’s just starting out in the Elrios adventure. Therefore…I CAN’T WAIT! ^^

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In short, time for Rena to shine.

Watch out for Night Watcher’s traps, guys. It’s going to be more painful than before, as well as Wind Sneaker’s kicks and Grand Archer’s arrows.

Hey, I also like these beach costumes on ElsNA this time. 


Wassup Eltag? What made you choose your IGN



I’ve seen some pretty awesome IGN’s out there! Some of which have a bit more originality than others. Be it acronym, symbolism or its just there for the lols, it’s just there! Tell me about yourself, Elpeeps! :)
For example :DragoonCrash (My CN) is an acronym for her spear system.
D - isconnected
R - apid
A - nti
G - round
O - mni
O - versight
N - etwork
Which is funny because now most of my combos includes juggling and air combos.
I name my Raven Xeng after my father and ex lover’s name. It’s a mix of both. My Chung name is Gnex, stands for generation nex (t) or backward for Xeng. My aisha Sayoku was named after my sister’s nihongo name. My Eve is name after yondamie. My Elesis is name after
. My Elsword is named after one of my favorite game: Lunarknights.

My name Milonar is from my favorite video game character. Then, I discovered his name is coming from a famous city in Italy- Milano. From then, most of my alts in Elsword have Milo at the first of their names (Milorino is an example).

I wish I could visit Italy someday. The food there is real good. <3

Solarity (or only Solar) is my ex lover’s nickname. Everything is all in the past, but that name still has something which I couldn’t forget.

I have another Ara with a name- Kurotobi. In Japanese, it means the black kite. It’s kinda suitable for Ara’s movements…

My Blazing Heart has a KR name as Aquatic Heart, because I’m planning to get for her Hamel Navi Officer someday.

The rest of my characters… I give a random name for them, but they don’t sound really bad.



Horror Stories

A high school student is kidnapped by a killer and has her life on the line. To survive, she tells him the scariest stories she knows; 

Starting with Don’t Answer to the Door, a story of eerie things happening in a house with a brother and sister who are waiting for their mother, 

Endless Flight in which a flight attendant and a serial killer is left alone in an airplane up in the air, 

Secret Recipe a cruel 2012 version of a folktale in which two stepsisters fight to marry a rich man, and 

Ambulance on the Death Zone in which the survivors in a city filled with a deadly zombie virus suspect each other of being infected while riding together in an ambulance.